Fire Extinguisher Labels
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When does a fire extinguisher need to be replaced?

Every workplace is required to be equipped with at least one fire extinguisher. Thankfully, most fire extinguishers don't see much action, leading many to wonder if they still function properly after extended disuse. In most cases, fire extinguishers will last 5 to 15 years, but inspections are legally required to ensure that your workplace is assafe and fire-ready as possible

Under 29 CFR 1910.157(e), OSHA requiresthat portable fire extinguishers be "visually inspected monthly." The employer is responsible for all inspections and also must subject all extinguishers to an annual maintenance check. Each type of extinguisher must also undergo hydrostatic testing at various intervals, as outlined in table L-1 in 29 CFR 1910.157(f)(3).

Oftentimes, fire extinguishers just need to be recharged, meaning that the pressure within them must be restored to its original force. Safety companies that perform inspections will often recharge extinguishers for you and update your safety tags and inspection labels accordingly.

For a fire extinguisher in the home or workplace, it's recommended that you use the extinguisher's pressure gauge as an indicator of its health. If the needle is in the green area, the extinguisher is probably still properly functional. However, your monthly visual inspections should also cover other areas besides pressure issues. For instance, if the hose or nozzle has visible defects, like a crack or tear, you should replace your extinguisher. Or if the handle's locking pin is missing or the handle is flimsy, you may want to seek a replacement or schedule an official inspection.

Making sure that fire extinguishers are functional can help save you money and put your mind at ease. Should an emergency situation arise, it's important to have confidence that your fire extinguishers will work. Taking full advantage of best replica watches your inspections is a crucial step in ensuring that you and your workplace are safe in case of fire.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Labels
Using fire extinguisher labels can help you keep track of inspection dates.
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