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Fire extinguishers are ubiquitous; you probably don't even notice them anymore. In nearly every building, a number of fire extinguishers hang in halls, rooms and corridors. Nevertheless, you may not know much about fire extinguishers—how they work, when they should be inspected, or what to do in the rare case that you would need to use one. If there is an emergency, it's important that you be familiar with proper fire extinguisher usage and how to keep them up to date.

Portable fire extinguishers (or PFEs) need regular inspection. Worn-out or damaged fire extinguishers aren't just less effective from a safety standpoint; they can be serious safety risks in themselves. Every so often, a corroded, underserviced or overcharged fire extinguisher explodes in a user's hands. Fire extinguisher labels aren't just mandatory under the law and critical for keeping track of audemars piguet replica inspections, they help keep you safe from malfunction. Understanding fire extinguishers ensures they aid you in an emergency, rather than becoming a hazard themselves.

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  Every workplace is required to be equipped with at least one fire extinguisher. Thankfully, most fire extinguishers don't see much action...

  Oftentimes, the most cost-effective option is missing vital pieces of information or is faulty in some way, but even the most inexpensive fire extinguisher labels are legally required to contain certain information.

  Every fire has its own origin, its own character, and its own trajectory. Knowing what started the fire in the first place is the most important element when you're figuring out how to fight it...

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